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Mizuki desu!

Well actually, Mizuki is just a screen name.

Stupid and random facts about me:

I`m from the Philippines.
I love God <3
I`m Asian.
I enjoy dancing very much.
My fave sports are swimming and volleyball.
Anime is love.
JDrama is love.
JPop is love.
I wanna go to Japan xD
I love my country ;) Pinoy ako!
TeniMyu is dorky love.
I think every person in TeniMyu is a dork.
I enjoy watching tons of JDrama.
Rythem`s my fave JPop artist.
Yuki Kaida and Junko Minagawa are my fave seiyuu(s).
Naruto`s my fave anime.
Fuji Shusuke`s my bishie. x3
I love the numbers 4, 18 and 74 xD
Blue is my fave color.
Ranting is fun.
2nd Seigaku cast and the Hyoutei cast (in TeniMyu) is the best for me.
Aibacchi for Seigaku and RuiRui for Hyoutei xD
JE is the bestestest evaar.
Yamada Ryosuke is the awesome one. ;)

and many more to come.. beh.